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The Three-body Problem By Cixin Liu.

This is possibly the most difficult novel I have ever had to review. I am torn between a work of genius and a Sci-Fi monstrosity. Having read no works of Chinese literature except from ancient history, the obvious books. The Three-body Problem came as a complete surprise to me. Initially I was enchanted by the symbolism and history; knowing little of the cultural revolution, the author, his scene set, does not allow complacency.

Taking you away into a virtual environment where people from this world can exist in an alternate, elitist, generated computer game, is where the math and science become a little difficult.

This book may be one of the most difficult reads (perhaps that is down to the translation but I doubt that) you could imagine. There are times that you may despair of a cogent tale but this book has also "The Hollow Soul" where you think and imagine each time you set the book down you are reading still. Thinking about

it when you have finished it long ago.

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