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Try, try and try again.

A countryman of mine was once quoted as a watching a spider trying to weave a web in the cave where he was hiding from the armies of King Edward (known as the Hammer of the Scots) having lost another battle. As he hid, bruised and blooded, Robert the Bruce had nothing other to do than watch the spider try to weave it's web again and again. It often failed but over time created it's web.

The legend tells that this spider gave Robert the heart and impetus to again try to make Scotland its own independent realm. I suspect that this story is just a folk story, a legend, a myth.

I was rather young when I realised that myth, memory and what is written can all be manipulated to give the answers that you desire of the listener. I suspect that Robert rebelled so he did not have to pay off his debts to "The Crown" King Edward and wished to be king. Nothing wrong with a little ambition.

When I started writing it was simply for the joy of a fertile imagination, I never expected to be published, nor to make any money from my writing. Gladly I have been proved wrong on both points,

I have not made millions nor have yet bought my super yacht. (all wind powered for me) but I have many constant readers now. Perhaps my motto should be try, try and try again.

To my shock and surprise.

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