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A cracking heroic fantasy read

Many years ago I read all David Gemmell's books as they were released and enjoyed the vast majority of them. Whilst pouring over other books searching for something new to read I came across "Skilgannon, The damned" which for some reason I must have missed, back in the day, along with it's companion volume, The swords of night and day. I bought both along with a few other books by different authors. I suspect that it is twenty years or more since I last read a novel by David Gemmell but I fell into the story almost immediately, recognizing the spare, easy, writing style and rather formulaic story line. Soon I was gripped and reading later and for longer than I had intended , tearing through both books at pace. I will tell you little of the story other than to say it is a heroic fantasy novel, similar to "Waylander" or "legend" and another excellent read from one of the best authors of this type of book. Highly recommended.

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