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Ah Twas a dread and a little macabre.

Many books now sell better on e-book than in paperback format. With this in mind, the cover for "The Dread, Damnable and Macabre" was designed to suit a thumbnail for kindle and other e-book platforms. The paperback was hardly considered. Upon receiving the proofs, I loved the cover for Kindle, it was clever and petite, a little modern for me, offering homage to Japanese horror films. I have stuck with it.

However, when magnified and adjusted the cover just did not work for the paperback. So, a new cover has been produced for the paperback only. If anyone does not like it, then I am to blame, no one else had a hand in this.

Unsure of what was required and what would work, such an eclectic variety of tales, I reverted to my "old style gothic sensibilities" and this is what I produced.

It may well change and revert once again to a block print but at the moment were you to order a paperback this is what you would receive


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