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Alexander, The virtues of War

Tis’ rare that I wax lyrical about a book. Rarer still that I would suggest an accolade of five stars.

Mr Pressfield has written many great novels and if you look back at my reviews you will notice that I have enjoyed many of them. Here, with “Alexander, the virtues of war” he has excelled himself. A difficult task methinks as he has already written many excellent novels but here he rises above the glory of his earlier work to new heights. This, I feel, a work of wonder. Worthy of university placement and much discussion. One of the best novels I have ever read. I rate this book with the likes of “Lord of the Flies”, “Iron in the Soul”, “Miss Smilla’s feeling for Snow” This is the epitome of historical fiction to my mind and Mr Pressfield is due a laurel for excellence in writing.

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