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Woodsmoke curls skyward from the shacks of the poor and mist lies heavy upon the castles of the mighty.

The joint council of the land lay in ruin.

One plagued by internal ruin the other by power without authority. Rise said one, fall said the other. A strange and old badger knows what to do to save the forest but he is rarely heard, sidelined as he knows to much and is far too smart to play a part in what seems to be an ongoing farce.

The squirel tells of his plan to cut down again on the amount of nuts  and that the badgers eat so much more nuts than the red squirels and so the the badgers must grow slimer whilst the very thin red squirels grow a little fatter and this will encourage more nuts to be spread about the forest and more trees will grow and so things will be better for all.

In a hole in the ground, dirty, and even though the soil is full of peat and smells bad, lies a small creature that wakes without knowing the decisions of its betters. It can see the fertile ground above it and the depth of the dirt below it and it thinks….

How can so many smart people be so stupid.

But this small creature before it sleeps again thinks.

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