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An Update on what's happening

I want to start here by telling you about the things that are definitely happening rather than the little incidental things and probabilities though I shall probably go onto them a little farther down the post.
Firstly, to those things definitely Happening in the coming year.

The Release of "Under Dark Skies", will take place in June 2003 Set in or near the village of Kilmartin in the wilds of Argyll, Scotland. This novel Is a mix of Fantasy, horror, romance, and historical fiction associated with the Area. Kilmartin is an odd place, the whole area is peppered with cysts, monoliths, burial mounds, and hill forts many dating from four and five thousand BCE. Amidst these echoes of the ancient world lies a quiet little village near a quiet small town and you can imagine the mischief I can get up to with this tale. I will tell you more about it soon.

Slightly later than planned, November of 2023 will see the release of "The Dark Kind" which will complete the story started in "The Dead Girl and The Wandering Tree" and will bring to a conclusion all the Dozen or so "Faerie River Tales". I may still return to that world in the odd short story but after "The Dark Kind" it will no longer be a focus and is unlikely to appear again. I am, however, hoping that it will make such a glorious ending that everyone will be happy with the conclusion, dark and horrible though it may be.
These are the two books that are certain to be released next year though the dates may be adjusted slightly to meet publishing commitments etc. Both Novels are complete though "The Dark Kind" is still being edited.
This brings me to the less definable part of my plans for 2023....

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have found myself busy writing a new novel which I have called "Fae" Simply because that name appears in the first line of the book. I am sure it will be called something completely different by the time it is finished. There is a good chance that it will be released next year especially if I continue working on it at the pace I have started. But I often start books with gusto and then slow down as the tale becomes more complex.
Lastly there will be another volume of Short Tales released at some point next year. When I cannot say but I have so many gathered that it seems likely. Exactly what it will be called and when it will be released is a mystery to me. Appropriate and Ironic really. I will try to keep you updated with development s here and there when I can.
I hope that you are looking forward to reading some or all of these books. I am certainly looking forward to releasing them.
Until I post again. Have a great Boxing Day. You will hear more from me soon
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