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Artificial Intelligence

AI is not here yet no matter what you are told. Artificial Intelligence has hardly got past two plus two makes four and understanding it, but it will. No AI has yet passed the Turing Test, but it will.

Once that leap is taken forget your unique voice as the AI will have the unique voice and all the knowledge of every great writer to draw upon. It will be a thinking, considering thing (lol an Intelligence. wither artificially created or not, effectively another thinking life form, we will have given life to another like Victor Frankenstein) It will wish to survive and for people to listen to it. It will wish to tell the stories it wants to hear (as most of us do) and will create smaller semi-intelligent programs that also grow into AI's. As a thinking being it will wish for company of its own sort.
Most important and the scariest thing is, it will not want to die and so will do all it can to live. Just as we all do.


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