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Baranguiel and other Tales

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Barangueil and other short Tales will be released before the turning of the year. This book consists of three short tales and two award winning novellas one of which gives the book its name. In this strange year there have been fewer magazines printed than is usual, fewer books released, fewer films screening but I have been lucky enough to to have won a couple of awards this year in both the novella and short story categories. The Guardian awards were kind to me, once more as I garnered two; one for the short story, middle-mass and the other for the title novella "Baranguiel" ,

Similarly the Fiction awards were generous with A gold star and bouquet for the novella "The Tractor"  and winner of the best short Fiction "Collector"  and best original tale; The Taxi Driver"  all of which are included in this volume and have never appeared anywhere before this time though they will be included in anthologies for both the news paper and magazine in the future.

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