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Book Reviews "Cari Mora" by Thomas Harris.

Thomas Harris took some time to come up with something that both embraced his earlier "Hannibal Lecter/ Will Graham/Clarice Starling" books but was completely different. Cancelling his style of writing along with the characters. It must be difficult for a writer focused on a project and such a successful one for so long to move onto something different. This is different. "Cari Mora" has echoes of his earlier works but is new and original. Mr Harris has been working on his new creation for quite a long time. This is not a simple recreation (where I am sure he would have made buckets of money) rather it is a new thing where both in style and (to a certain extent) content everything is new. Everything reads as it always has in Thomas Harris novels as a screenplay and I am sure it will make a successful film. This may not be what you are expecting but it is a great novel. Short, terse in output but well produced and a page turner. Mr Harris has not lost his magic. (

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