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Christmas Music.

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

The few of you that read these posts and my books must know by now that my musical taste is not one that follows the norm and so as a treat to myself at 23.10 pm on Christmas eve, I am going to give you my favourite Christmas songs. A Top Ten....

At ten, listen to this imagining I have a Tony Blackburn Voice rather than a deep Scots tone.

(Oh, and you won't get the songs just links to the YouTube videos).

At ten (in Raymonds all-time best Christmas songs)

Tom Waits.

At nine...

Joni Mitchell.

At Eight....

Bob Dylan

At seven....

Thea Gilmore

At six....

Masie Peters

At five....

Jethro Tull

At Four .........

Greg Lake

At Three......

Jethro Tull (again) A Christmas song.

At Two....


And for me the top, the number one is.

At One, (lol in a tony Blackburn Type voice)

Number one from me

From Joyeux Noel 2005 film

This mishmash of styles and thoughts must make you weep.

Top of the Christmas charts for me.

I have really enjoyed putting together my little top ten of Christmas tunes. I know they will not be for all, but they are for me. I hope that they have at least made you think and imagine. All I can do really.

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