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Cold Blue Eyes.

"Cold Blue Eyes" will be released tomorrow. My Fortieth book. I had to check this out as someone said that it was to be unveiled and I did not believe them. My fortieth book though only my nineteenth novel. I have checked out the prerelease orders and I will hit the bestsellers list next week, at the bottom end and only because people have had months in adance to order the book. Still, it will be great to have that acceptance. I may still be able to tempt others to buy it tomorrow and so thought to take tonight to tell you more of the novel.
The blurb tells.

I live in the pastoral lowlands now but once I strode the highlands; dark and fey, and there, I met a girl, dark and fey as the land that birthed her.

A friendly and kind hillwalker, on holiday, meets a strange girl in the pub. Deserted, her husband vanished in the mist as so many do in the empty places of the high lands. Lost and lonely she searches for him. Looks for him as she has for months growing fey and strange, even slightly mad. Loneliness, the harsh climate, desertion, and despair played on her mind. Latching on to the kindly hillwalker they set out to find her husband or his body. But not all is as it seems the "Cold Blue Eyes" of the mad girl seem calculating rather than deluded. Plus, there is something about the hillwalker. He is too kind, too helpful, too thoughtful, few are as good as he seems to be.
There is a living man, or a dead body out in the wilds to be found. He may not be the only dead body by the end of this tale.

Oh, No, No, No, trust no one.
I did not know where this was heading. Fantastic and Frightening.
Bill Murphy. The Maniac Magazine.
Erotic, clever and over all too soon, a page turner.
Carly Mellion. Author of Panjandrum
I love simplicity. A film waiting to happen, sharp, short, and clever.
Zoe Longridge. Margins Magazine for Women.

I hope that you will both like and buy the book.
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