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Cold Blue Eyes

I was due to post this yesterday as "Cold Blue Eyes" came out on the first of May but as usual I was busy doing something else. So Today I will tell of my newly released novel. "Cold Blue Eyes"

"Cold Blue Eyes" origins were strange. I was busy writing a new novel, "Under dark Skies" when one of the characters mentioned "once I strode the highlands dark and fae and there I met a girl dark and fae as the lands I walked.
That image stayed in my head along with those words and I decided to compose a short story, perhaps to be incorporated into "Under dark Skies" or as a standalone short story I did not know as I began writing it that it would become a novel.
I was looking at a short story when I started, in fact I was not even sure that I could create a short story worth reading with how little I had to start from. I normally have the whole novel or short tale in my head before I begin writing, or at least a sizable portion of it.
Anyway, I started, and it was easily put together. I found it easy to write and before I knew it, it had become a novel (Albeit short) and so sent it out to friends and readers who suggested this was a fitting sequel to "Nut Brown Eyes" something that I had never even considered as I was writing it. It is vastly different from Nut Brown Eyes" but at the same time it has so much in common that I had to take the thoughts of others into consideration.
I still do not consider it to be a sequel, but I completely Understand why many do.
Anyway "Cold Blue Eyes" is out now, and I hope those that read it, enjoy it.

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