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Coruption in Scottish Politics.

As has been seen recently both in Scotland and England some of the political classes are corrupt. The SNP have been recently exposed, but they do not sit alone on that corruption pedestal. Every UK political party has sat on the “Naughty step” at some point or another. As has (most) every political party in the world.
I could give you many quotes here such as “power corrupts” or “Anyone who wishes for political office should be disqualified from it” and many others. But the fact remains that we need leaders, power-hungry or considerate and kind, we are lucky we are in a democracy; we get to choose the idiots that lead us.
But here is the rub. For all the fools and idiots in the SNP there are some few politicians who are committed to democracy, who strive to do good for both their constituents and the country. They Believe in the efficacy of independence (despite all). Contrary to my personal feelings about the SNP not all of them are corrupt or idiots (though they may give you every opportunity to consider them so).
But betwixt and between the corrupt and the idiots there are some who genuinely believe that they are working for the good of the Scottish Electorate.
Sadly, the rest have jumped on a bandwagon and are trying to kill Scotland for a (large) paycheck. And Expenses.
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