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Dark Eden by Chris Beckett

A science fiction/fantasy series of books begins with this novel, Dark Eden.

The children of humans abandoned upon a deserted world with no “close” sun try to make a home for themselves. Due to incest, and deteriorating food sources there is an extended period of dissent and stagnation. Imagine Sumer or Eridu, Abyssinia or Mesopotamia with no sunlight and yet a dawning of civilization with people trying to improve their lot.

Science fiction, though rarely explained, hangs in the dark landscape, the characters believable if a little obvious but this reads like an “origin myth” and I am pretty sure that is what Mr. Beckett wished it to be.

A challenge to the driven individual, the explorer to “see what is out there” and it works well in my opinion. Imagine John Redlantern as Theseus.

Anyway, I think this is a terrific book and the sequel “

Mother of Eden” set later in Eden time carries on in the same theme so if you enjoy this as I did the following volume will not disappoint.

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