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Faerie River Tales

Over many years it has been suggested that I do a compendium volume of "faerie river" stories as it is a theme that I have returned to so often over the years.

I think that it is time to finally do this. There are many reasons for this decision, some personal, others altruistic, or at least partially so, others still, financially, downright acquisitive.

Within the next year or so I will be releasing a new novel. "The Dead Girl and the Wandering Tree" A dark fantasy which will draw together all the threads of the "River Tales" in a final story.

Many have read one or two of the "River Tales" but few will have read them all in order (lol- if there is truly an order to them) and so with this incipient compendium I intend to make it easy to read them all in one volume whilst waiting for the final tale that completes the series. "The Dead Girl and the Wandering Tree"


will tell you more as I know more.

lol.. but I could do with a better title. Suggestions to

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