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Hiding from the Light

Hello and welcome to a new book celebrating Gothic Tales. Normally when I release collections of short tales they sell a few copies and then fade into the mist. Notable exceptions persist here and there but I find this mainly to be true; the short tale is fading from the minds of the living.

An aficionado of such tales I have produced many volumes of them and hope to produce many more in the future. "Hiding from the Light", however, similar to "Moonchild and other Tales" and a couple of other volumes seems to have caught the reading public's imagination. For this I am glad. The Gothic tale in its various forms seems to have once again captured the adoration of readers.

Perhaps a hankering for the unusual, the less informed or even the period drama but with a supernatural twist. I do not know the reasons for this resurgence nor do I particularly care to find those reasons; I am simply glad that this is the case. So here I recommend to you a new book, "Hiding from the Light" A collection of Gothic Tales. I shall talk more of each individual Tale as time progresses, in the meantime I recommend them to you.

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