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Holiday book reviews.

Few of you who read this blog (I suspect that there are few despite the figures I receive) will have noticed I have posted nothing at all for a couple of weeks. There is a simple reason for this. I was on holiday.
Drifting away from the North Atlantic to the South and sunnier climes.

I was off on a cruise. An excuse to eat and drink to excess whilst pretending to seek entertainment and enjoy the exotic ports of call. In fact, I have been to each and every port before and whilst many of them are lovely, filled with wondrous sights and good people, it is my wife that wishes to embark on such journeys.

I am happy in Scotland and no longer have the travelling bug that I had when younger. So, when we are away on these trips, whilst she sunbathes, deepens her tan, and looks good, the sad old author sits in the shade with his hat, hiding from the sun reading some books.
On the positive side this means that, upon returning to my hearth and home, I have a few books to review for you and even better news is each was a cracker. I chose my holiday reading well for a change.
Over the next few nights, I will be Reviewing.... "The Katherina Code" by Jorn Lier Horst.

Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C Clarke.

And lastly but certainly not least. Clytemnestra by Constanza Casati

There are few books I feel qualified to "bum up" but I loved all three of these for quite distinct reasons. Sadly, you will have to revisit my blog over the next few days to read the reviews. This is not me trying to gain continued traffic. I care nothing for such things. Rather. It is simply because I have not written the reviews yet.
Give the old buzzard a chance please.
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