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Is England a mental backwater as it tends to live in the past?

There is no true answer to this question as “England” is neither mentally a backwater nor is Scotland so elite that it should consider England so. We have many problems here that we have not solved. It would be lovely to think of England as a backwater (as a Scot’s person) and gain a high ground morally, ethically, or sensibly but it would be a fake atoll. It would simply be a lie to ease our worries about our terrible education record, The rising number of Addicts, the dreadful housing situation, and a bundle of other things.

The English Education system is far better than we have in Scotland when once (before the SNP took control) the opposite was true. Scottish people, English people (Welsh, Irish or indeed Iranian or North Korean) are essentially the same, having different nationalities does not make you “different” it makes you unique whilst similar. People are people, we all wish to live, fall in love, and live happily ever after.
Lol- We should put 1930's Disney in charge. (It was a joke he was terrible racist)
Political ideals and the circumstances you live under make for differences and there, in that little space I must give the SNP a little Kudos.

We became multicultural. At least a little bit. Though I suspect that it was the people of Scotland rather than the SNP. May we always be so welcoming.
The right-wing media in England stir hatred to sell papers but I do suspect that some English people are racist just as many Scots are. The SNP did one good thing they helped to make that Unacceptable. AND MAKING SUCH THINGS Unacceptable IS GOOD.
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