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It is finally time.

I have been playing with the idea of releasing a new book for a while now. Those that follow this blog know that I have so little time to write just now that it has been years since you last saw a significant release from me. I have, however, been working away in the background all this time. My free time is precious and so I have done a fraction of the work that I normally would as far as writing is concerned but I have been working.

So, after three years in the wilderness (ish) I am going to be releasing a new collection of short stories titled "The Dread, Damnable and Macabre". All are new and rather fogged in mystery and romance but are thought-provoking and truly original. I am sure that all who appreciate what I do will enjoy this book as well as all those horror aficionados that love literature and the "different" tale. I will be telling you more about this new book soon. Promise.

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