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Macbeth? MACBETH?, did that sound sufficiently outraged? Oh dinnae worry I liked Shakespeare's play as well as most did. But the real "MacBeth" was a pretty good guy and as a monarch pretty much sublime. Not the dastardly villian of Shakespeare's play which meant to "do down" a king that a nation could have been proud of, Lol- all political, Mary and Liz was going on at the time.

Scotland needed to be subdued. There were uprisings everywhere from the far North to the borders. So King MacBeth, a governor, concerned with his people, was villified, actually willing to give up his own life to save his people (unknown before or since for a monarch) he was actually supported by the remains of the previous anglo- saxon monarchy even Hereward fought for his right to the Scot's throne. Ah tis' an old tale now but when Knut Svenson, plowed over England (King Canute- he of holding back the waves) reached the borders of Alba (as was Scotland at the time) He was halted by King MacBeth and Thorfinn, (known as Raven's feeder for his prowess in battle) his half-brother, Earl of Orkney and brother to the king of Norway. Knut's waves broke and shattered upon the shores of Scotland. Though he then marched on and took the whole of Europe for the church, Scotland alone remained separate from Europe to keep alive old faiths and traditions. It is Ironic that now Scotland years to stay in Europe when England, once our masters, wish to leave.

And so the world turns.

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