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Mini Sagas, Micro Tales

As I suggested in a previous post, I was going to produce a collection of "Mini Sagas".

"Mini Sagas" is just my pretentious way of describing Flash Fiction. Knowing this to be the case the book has been retitled "Mini sagas, Micro fiction". It is available to purchase now from both my website ( and on The book has been released in both digital and paperback formats but that is simply because I like having a paperback copy for myself. To enjoy this short and sharp fiction it is best read on a small tablet or on a mobile or Cell phone. Flash Fiction or "Mini Sagas" take only a few minutes to read. So are suitable for the digital world. Waiting at the Doctors or Dentists, on a bus or train, at the hairdressers or the nail salon and wish to spend a little time more profitably and intelligently than scrolling through Facebook (again) then this is the book for you.

The paperback was produced for my and a few other aficionado's benefit. This volume alone was not meant to be purchased in book form. Please purchase this book in digital form only. It looks great on a cell phone or mobile.

I hope that you enjoy it.

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