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Most books are good, "Existence" by David Brin is better.

All books are worth reading, even from the silliest and the most badly produced, they all contain kernels of knowledge couched hopefully in a delightful story that gives enjoyment as well as education. Then you have better books that make you think, consider, and enjoy as the author weaves his/her web. penultimately, you get to exceptional books where the author informs, mystifies, writes well, makes you think and consider and educates all at the same time during a wonderful story.
Ultimately, there are those few books which do everything. They educate, amaze, inform, make you wonder and think, reconsider your own attitudes, thoughts desires and doom. Often these books are difficult to read, containing many thoughts that you do not wish to consider or accept and often they make you worry.


Mr. Brin with "Existence" has created one of those few exceptional books. A startling look through scientific history of the near past to the fantastical near future. Considering the things that are happening on our planet right now and extrapolating into the near future where space exploration may happen, virtual reality becoming normal and AI's commonplace. He also asks the question; of all the billions of stars out there and trillions of planets why have aliens never contacted us? Perhaps, they are already here but are so alien that we cannot understand or converse with them.
Hard sci-fi at its essence, this wondrous novel of the near future is thought provoking, clever and essential reading.
Mr. Brin has authored some wonderful novels in the past. The Uplift series, Earth, Kiln People, The Postman, and he is at his absolute best with "Existence".
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