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Mrs. Ivana Piddlethrapp.

Today I am writing about Mrs. Ivana Piddlethrapp.
"That's with two d's and two p's," she says whenever she gives her name. It's not my fault, she always thinks but says nothing, my name was not Piddlethrapp till I married Henry. He was so sweet when he was younger, so strong, so kind that it was just a little thing to take his name and anyway it was only marginally worse than my maiden name. Ivana Goodwillie was no walk in the park either. You can imagine what the girls at school said. Things like that happen when you are the child of two worlds.

and there is more, but you will have to buy the book next year.

I know this seems a strange thing for me to write and it is. But a third volume of tribute tales for "Terry Pratchett" is being released next year and after providing a story for the first two volumes they kindly asked me to appear again in the third. I do not find it easy. I am not a natural comedy writer, but I consider it an honour to be included. Thankfully, my earlier contributions "Mistress Freya's home for distasteful deities" (volume1) and "Mr. Wharton and the Maniacs" (volume 2) were well received so I have been asked back. Look out for the book April 2025.

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