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Music to listen to whilst writing

I suppose I am different to most writers. I like listening to music, softly, in the back ground whilst I am writing. It does not affect me but it does infect me, the cadence, style and lyrics play with what I am writing. If I listen to "the cowboy Junkies" (just an example) the tale becomes more folksy, clever, homegrown. "King Crimson" and it grows esoteric and fulfilling, the poetry of Pete Sinfield, pumping up my lyricism. The huge crescendos bring words unused for years from me, only to be forgotten again when written, at times Bach and Tchaikovsky illicit similar verbose literacy. Yet the truly best for me (all will have their own choices) to encourage what I wish to write are Mike Oldfield and Tangerine Dream.

Oh and the pic is of Micheal Schenker. I always wished to be able to hold the melody and tonality of a guitar as he was able to. Sadly I never had blond hair,a leather catsuit nor was able to hold a melody as he was able to with an over amplified flying "V"

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