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On Writing.

Some people push themselves to do a word count or chapter each day, to write for two or five hours solidly but often the world gets in the way.

Sometimes I just cannot type quickly enough for all I wish to say. Word counts are no problem at that point. Other times finding the right thing to type is difficult. Were I to force myself? Lol- well let's just say I have seen the result of forcing myself. I once owned a few fantasy and sci-fi mags, where everything worked to a print deadline. Occasionally an author would withdraw their work, or we found some legal problem with it or other issue and had to fill the space quickly. Bill Willis (our in-house illustrator) and I would have to produce something at short notice with no idea what we were doing. He would be illustrating a passage as I was writing it. We always finished it on time but.... If you read back the mags, you can tell which ones were fully planned from those we "Filled" The quality of both the illustration and story were not up to our usual standard (no fault to Bill- his illustrations were always top notch).
One of the people that edited one of those magazines before me was the author "Michael Moorcock" who famously authored a novel in eighteen hours, from inception to completion (including editing). Lol- it was not his best novel (Phoenix in Obsidian) and those unexpected "fills" were certainly not my best short stories. So, my suggestion is taking your time and do it right.

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