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Parsifal Reborn

The next tale in "Hiding from the Light" dips into Arthurian legend with a tentative toe. As many will know I am a follower of the little history and great amount of legend that surrounds the gilded King Arthur and his Knights of the round table. I have never written a fictional tale that surrounds the legends of Arthur simply because it has all been done before, far too often, in my opinion and so I have avoided writing about it and still am in a way.I decided to write a tale based upon one of his followers which I had intended to place in a sequel to my book "Peculiar Guinevere" but I now suspect that book shall never be written and so have included it in "hiding from the Light". It is the perfect tale for this "Gothic" collection of stories.

Parsifal (imagined), older and wounded doubts the existence of the god he once worshiped with all his being but still acts as though his lord exists He is still the honorable knight that he always had been despite this crisis of faith, despite the lessons life has taught him.

I shall leave you, the reader, to decide for yourselves wither he found his god in the end.

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