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Ray Manzarek

It was a shame to hear yesterday about the death of Ray Manzarek. I always liked the Doors though i was never thier greatest fan but i always remember that it was Ray Manzareks keyboards that attracted me to them in the first place rather than the excesses of jim morrison though i grew to appreciate him also. I still can hear in my head the intro to riders on the storm.

And probably even better the intro and the whole song with light my fire

He will be missed though i am sure that he had a good life and luckily did not die too young as mr morrison did. Mind you i think that we all die to young be we nine or ninety there is always so much more out there and we rarely experience a tithe of it- lol- old measure meaning a tenth. Goodbye to Ray Manzarek May you rest in peace or better still with the intro to Riders Of the Storm echoing in your mind. You will be remembered.

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