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Remember "The Dark Kind"

As a writer my focus should be on "Under Dark Skies" as I have already been advertising it as my next novel and I suspect that it still will be, and that ponderous beauty will eventually get there. But "The Dark Kind" has begun taking more and more of my focus "I wish to finish that story before I shuffle off this mortal coil". I said in a recent interview, and I am constantly aware now that there are only so many more stories, I will be able to tell.
I wish both tales to be complete before I walk the crow road. I also hope to tell more tales if I am able.
I suspect without knowing that I will be remembered for "Under Dark Skies" when it is finally complete and
for "A Shiver" though I enjoy many of my other works, perhaps I shall become a "Regarded" writer after my demise.

But of course, I should not be melancholy as "Cold Blue Eyes" is not long out and has been selling well. for which I am grateful.

It is a freaky little novel in my opinion but I am glad that so many have been enjoying it. I will post again soon. I promise. I know I have been erratic recently, but I wish to remedy that with regular posts.

Oh, and check out the updated website. at.
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