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Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C Clarke.

I promised you some book reviews and here is the first of them "Rendezvous with Rama" by Arthur C Clarke.

This Book was a strange choice to review and to read. It was written in the sixties. I posted an article on "Quora" about Science Fiction and some fellow suggested that I read "Rama" Responding; I had read this novel in my youth but could remember nothing of it other than I remembered it to be good. He suggested rereading. Not one to duck a challenge I ordered it from "Abe" books. And on holiday whilst my wife is sunbathing, I sit in the shade and read.
The first thing that struck me was the size of the book. It is tiny. Pulp fiction size, Few pages. It is so much easier to handle than the books of today. Then, I am holding a book by Arthur C Clarke, one of the legends of science fiction but then came down to earth with a bump. You have read this before. I had I recognized bits immediately even though I must have read it forty years ago or more.
And so, to the review...

I had forgotten what a great writer (never mind the content) Mr. Clarke was. He wrote like a journalist, to the point, accurate, consistent. Not a word wasted. no redundant word. This tiny book contained more imagination thought and content than many mammoth trilogies.
It is clever and imaginative, surely that's a given but he is also writing an effective "contact" strategy.
Mr. Clarke, even in the sixties, was considering things that few think of today.
This book is, was, and always will be a classic Science fiction Novel.
I always consider it the measure of a good book if you spend weeks after finishing the novel still considering its implications still returning to it in your own head even when you are reading something else.
This is one of those books.
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