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Science fiction and writing

Many and most Science Fiction writers are capable authors, thinkers, imagineers (not sure that is a word). Yet it is rare that science fiction authors intersect with literary fiction.
As a boy I loved Science fiction, Issac Asimov, Gregory Benford, Micheal Moorcock, and a host of others grabbed my attention with every new release. But let's be honest. Their ideas were the focus. Asimov was not a particularly good writer in the beginning. Other than his ideas he had little to offer. Benford Similarly and so was the same with many sci-fi authors. Great ideas, great imagination, dodgy writing. Then we got Kurt Vonnegut, Philip K Dick and recently Iain M Banks, Cixin Liu and Dan Simmons.
Literary fiction and sci-fi combined in a wonderful universe of possibilities. Long live Sci-fi.

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