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Ah, I had an easy day today. I planted some flowers and cleaned the bathroom till it gleamed. Lol- When the sun was shining through the window against the pristine white porcelain; the cleanliness would have blinded you.

I read a great deal (unsurprisingly) and went to Asda to get compost and a bottle of wine which I am consuming as I am writing this. I planted some annuals and perennials, salted some seeds into the rich soil of the Ayrshire countryside, they will yield colors rarely dreamt of in a month or so.

I was alone. (My wife at work) I recycled old compost and nitrates with new ones. Tilled the earth releasing more carbon but will recover all that has been spent, and more, with my planting.

For me this has been a good day.
I hope that your day has been as productive and as wonderful as mine. I wish to hear of it if you are willing to tell.
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