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Stephen King, Fairy Tale. A Review.

You few who follow my reviews will have noticed that I was away for a long time. I took upon myself the challenging task of reading "The Wheel of Time" novels. All fourteen of those huge volumes and I will produce an in-depth review of them soon. Having left the fantastical world of Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson behind I entered another.
An easy choice for me. I have been a fan of Stephen King since the seventies or eighties when I first read "The Stand"
A great writer with a wonderful imagination and so I approached "Fairy Tale" with assurance. I have read most of Mr. King's Novels and enjoyed almost every one. "Fairy Tale", sadly, is one of his worst novels. It is not something to worry about or over. All authors compose a bad book here and there. I cannot tell you how many novels Mr. King has written but it is over fifty and more than forty-eight of them are good or excellent. An excellent author adored and lauded for good reason. Deserved plaudits. But this, sadly, is not his best.
It may be his worst novel.

Sorry for the negative review for fans of Mr. King or the man himself. Apologies, Alas this was not your best. Ah but you have written so many that I have enjoyed.
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