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Stone Blind. (Medusa's Story) By Natalie Haynes

In Stone Blind, the instant Sunday Times bestseller, Natalie Haynes brings the infamous Medusa to life as you have never seen her before.

'Witty, gripping, ruthless' – Margaret Atwood via Twitter

'Beautiful and moving' – Neil Gaiman
‘So to mortal men, we are monsters. Because of our flight, our strength. They fear us, so they call us monsters’
Medusa is the sole mortal in a family of gods. Growing up with her Gorgon sisters, she begins to realize that she is the only one who experiences change, the only one who can be hurt.
When Poseidon commits an unforgiveable act against Medusa in the temple of Athene, the goddess takes her revenge where she can: on his victim. Medusa is changed forever – writhing snakes for hair and her gaze now turns any living creature to stone. She can look at nothing without destroying it.
Desperate to protect her beloved sisters, Medusa condemns herself to a life of shadows. Until Perseus embarks upon a quest to fetch the head of a Gorgon . . .
Described as a "feminist exposition" and "A fierce feminist exploration of female rage" I wondered wither I may be offended by the severe feminist outrage against being downtrodden by males especially in the prehistoric time of Perseus.
From a male point of view (I am not even sure that I was allowed to read it) I thought this a wonderful reimagining of Medusas story. Cleverly written with wit and wonder, (lol- though writing from the perspective of the snakes on Medusa's head after she is dead was a bit of a stretch) still I enjoyed it immensely and have ordered Natilie Haynes other books to add to my pile. Clever, silly, funny and well worth a read I say.

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