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The Afghan Campaign by Stephen Pressfield.

I was not new to the the novels of Stephen Pressfield, having thoroughly enjoyed "Gates of Fire" and "Last of the Amazons" as many have. Enjoyable though those novels were I did not seek out his back catalogue rather, I came across this "Afghan Campaign", years later by chance whilst searching for something new to read.

I am so glad that I drew this from the depths of obscurity. Mr Pressfield has written an excellent novel here, in my opinion, using modern mores he tries to portray "the soldier" in Alexanders army during his subjugation of Afghanistan before moving into India. Mr Pressfield's take on the soldiers thoughts, movements and motivations and the fascination and horror that the Afghan campaign contained is memorable. This should become a classic of visceral historic fiction. Absolutely excellent, I read it in two days, simply because I fell asleep otherwise I would have read it in one. It is that good.

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