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The Best Short stories told on a dark and Stormy night.

I told you recently about my article "The Best short stories told on a dark and Stormy night" which the people at were happy enough to print. Due to their largesse, I have flicked through the site and the books included. There are many. Some classics, some modern wonders and a few that I did not know. Enough for any reader, even the most voracious, to find something that they may enjoy.

I particularly liked the fact that much of the site is based on recommendations.

I recommended the likes of "Sir Walter Scott and Isacc Asimov" for short stories; others recommend various books dependent upon taste and genre.

I personally enjoyed; But that is just one of my things. There is much more to look at and consider.

I have included another link here to my choices of the best short tales should you wish to have a look.

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