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The Faithful and the Fallen by John Gwynne.

I have chosen "Ruin" to place this review under as it is possibly the best book of the quadrillion but this rather is a review of the complete series of books. My initial opinion was "excellent" the series was easy to get into, the characters simplistic but easy to like or hate depending upon their bent. The story builds well especially when considering what a mammoth series it is. Yet said characters gain little depth as the tale progresses, none become particularly notable. The nub of each character great the extended character lacking. Mr Gwynne should, however, be congratulated for many things, the battle scenes can be spectacular (and they are difficult to write), holding such a long tale together with no (particularly) noticeable failings is an achievement in itself. Yet in my opinion the ending, of the series, was anti-climatic and rather obvious. None the less this series is well worth a read, just do not read them all in series as I have, Deeper characters required.

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