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The Falcon Of Sparta. By Conn Iggulden.

Any of you familiar with the works of Conn Iggulden will know that he writes Historical Fiction (with the exception of a fantasy series and of course "The Dangerous book for Boys") and that is exactly what you get here. Well written, well researched and put together historical fiction.

In "The Falcon of Sparta" Mr Iggulden reproduces Xenophon's "Anabasis" giving dry words his wonderful fictional narrative. Bringing each dusty Spartan, Persian and Athenian to life once again.

In this reworking of "Anabasis" where ten thousand Greek mercenaries join the unsuccessful fight for Persian kingship under the banner of "Cyrus" the younger brother of Artaxerxes the Second. The Greeks victorious but Cyrus, defeated, must walk thousands of miles back to Greece whilst being harried by insurmountable Persian forces.

Mr Iggulden brings this ancient tale to life, putting words in the mouths of characters only known by name from this ancient history and he does it with style. A thoroughly enjoyable read


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