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The Fisherman's Lament.

This is a new novella but do not grow too excited. Hmm, I put that badly, please do get excited, I simply meant that is not strictly "New". Many years ago I wrote a short tale which I called "Eternal love" which was included in one of my earliest collections of short tales "A River of Tears". The book hardly sold a copy, I was a complete unknown and short stories do not sell as well as novels at the best of time and so it appeared and disappeared almost unread. Yet I always remembered, when writing it; I was moved to tears.

Eternal Love was resurrected some years later, as a fill in, added to the end of another collection of short tales to fill out the book and make it of the desired length. This addition again brought me to tears when I was reading the produced pre-publication copy.

So for all these years that short tale has stuck in my mind, I find it lovely, a "true romance" of a kind that is rarely written.

The Dark Kind.

Next year, I intend to produce the novel "The Dark Kind" putting aside all else until it is complete and ready for release. With this thought in mind I have been "clearing the decks" for the past few months. Finishing those that sat unfinished, Playing with new Tales and different ideas but only when I knew that they would be complete by the turn of the year. The transformation of the three page short story, "Eternal Love" into the sixty page novella "The Fisherman's Lament" was always an unfinished task playing at the back of my mind. So this is another that is now; out of the way. It will be the last until "The Dark Kind" is out of the road.

Why all the effort?

Small parts of "The Dark Kind" have appeared here and there in other tales that feature the same characters, always with a view to drawing those characters together in one novel. Guess which?

Anyway I will be telling everyone who reads this; much more about "The Dark Kind" over the months to come, no need to talk more of it here at the moment.

The Fisherman's Lament"

Finally I took that short tale and made it one worthy, I think, of a serious read. I do warn you that you may need something to blot your tears but I consider it a wonderful emotive piece. I was tempted to turn it into a novel but it is just so lovely (in my opinion) as It is, that I did not wish to play around with it any more.

You can let me know what you think on here or by messaging my website; or even just e-mailing me on

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