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The kids of today and shit music.

I am now old enough to be a grandfather though i thankfully am not. My kids are still to young to my mind to have children of thier own.

But thats the thing really. Dont you all feel sorry for the kids of today as far as music goes. I do. They have the odd wee record that makes it into the charts and apart from that its the stuff we listened to or what happened to be on the x-factor or american idol. I think it is such a shame- we need the music that was of our time, it helps define us in an odd way.  My sons favourite band is Radiohead and i introduced him to them when pablo honey came out in the late eighties- i really think that he should have his own stuff. I hate the way the music industry has gone. Now to find something new and cool you have to trawl through youtube, the real music industies voice and find the good ones. But can you be bothered? I cannot.

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