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The Mistakes of the Past.

I wished to enter the new pen to publish competition on Amazon and so put together a short tale that I think eligible for entry and good enough to have a chance of winning. I have published the tale on Amazon as an e-book as that is what you have to do to enter the contest but there is no need for anyone here to buy it. It is a short story, novella at best that It was produced simply for the contest. I feel sure that it will crop up in a collection of short tales at some point in the future but there is no need for you to pay for it until then. Just do not bother buying it and I will publish it on for free once the competition is over, if I am able to. Lol- just dawned on me that if the story wins I may not be able to add it here as Amazon will then hold the copyright. Dinnae worry I will figure it out and you will be able to read it for free on this site one way or another. Do not get to excited, it is a good tale but for those of you familiar with the "Moonchild" imagine that childe of the Faerie in a different but similar dimension, more assertive, more manipulative, in control of her own destiny.

Anyway once I am able to add it here you can have it for free, if you do not wish to wait then you can buy it in e-book and printed format from Amazon rather cheaply.

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