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The state of British politics.

I feel rather ashamed with our country at the moment. Not a usual state for me who is proud, normally, to be British. Yet we seem to be on a crusade as a people these days to hurt the most vulnerable amongst us, the people that are most worthy of us looking after are neglected in favour of the rich. So few British politicians these days know what real life is like. They do not teach you about that at Eaton except in statistics and social studies. There is barely a politician in parliament never mind in the cabinet who has any idea of real life out here. I am lucky compared to most, I have a job. I cannot count the people out there now that wish to work that cannot get one. Well at least one that is not part time or absolute shit. I have been there, I know what its like and its bloody murder. Yet we are ruled at the moment by a party in coalition with the liberals. A party by the way that I personally voted for at the last election (the liberals I mean) yet they seem to have no grasp of social politics. My own party the liberals seem to have lost their way even Vince Cable, a man I have always respected and admired seems to have capitulated to a great extent. And so the country again is run by a bunch of old Etonians salting away the spoils for themselves at the expense of all but the rich and that they have done it in a “Tony Blair” style that lets the majority of the British public think it is necessary. I am the first fool on the list for I voted liberal at the last election. Many other fools will follow me into the idiot pile as the rich get richer

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