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The Sword Saint

After reading the first volume of this fantasy trilogy (Empire of Salt) "Darien" I was surprised by the ease Conn Iggulden (known as C F Iggulden for this fantasy work) made the change from his hugely successful and well produced Historical fiction into the fantasy genre. He did it with style. "Darien" is an excellent first novel in a new genre (albeit a related one) and one I enjoyed immensely, the new characters likable and or disreputable depending upon what was required.

I was less enchanted with "Shiang" though It was still enjoyable and sadly, similarly, with the final novel in the series "The Sword Saint". I felt as though the author had lost confidence in the series or his characters or was trying to carry it somewhere else, echoing perhaps George R R Martin.

I also felt that the author was glad to "finish". That said, it still hangs together as a good trilogy and one I enjoyed. I do hope that Mr Iggulden tries the fantasy genre once again as this was a good first try.

We all know from his historical fiction that he can do it. We shall just have to wait and see if he does.

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