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The value of narrative fiction

I have always placed little thought in my characters, preferring them as sketchy as possible in appearance but given away by their inner thoughts. I happily admit that this may not be the way to go but think that we all visualize characters differently from the way they are described. Many years ago Robert Heinlein did a couple of books in this way. and the idea has been followed by a few other authors over the years rarely with great success but often resulting in a great book.

I enjoy telling the story, The narrative is the most important thing for me. not the way to a best seller, few books that have a narrative driven story really work and certainly not in the mainstream media nor successful novels (with the exception of Scandinavian literature). A storyteller who can write a little, rather than truly a writer in the classical sense is my niche. What I enjoy most about producing the narrative is the unexpected which I can sometimes enter into the text; thrilling, shocking and surprising the reader. i Do hope that you like at least the occasional thing that I write.

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