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The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan.

A Jackpot. Little left to read and a new television adaptation of "The Wheel of Time" produced by amazon made me think of those Robert Jordan Books once more. I read the first five or six fantasy monstrosities as a boy but grew tired of them, waiting three or four years for the next one to come out. but with the advent of the TV series and few good books around just now (that I have read, all seems formulaic to me) I decided to revisit Robert Jordans originals and that Is a mammoth task. Fourteen volumes all six hundred pages or more. Some of it amateurish. Yet what a wonderful conglomeration for a single writer. I am enjoying them but growing bored at the same time. A lengthy epic fantasy is a wonderful thing but Mr. Jordan made it a tad too lengthy,

I am going back to real novels soon. No disrespect meant to the soul of Mr. Jordan.

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