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The White Devil by Paul Hoffman.

"The White Devil" is the fourth volume in the "Thomas Cale" series of novels By Paul Hoffman.
Many years ago, on a whim I picked up "The Wisdom of Crocodiles" by Paul Hoffman and enjoyed its high paced contemplative silliness. A silliness that was almost prophetic. In those days he was not the writer he was to become though he made a solid fist of it and told a good tale.

Years later Mr. Hoffman appeared again with a trilogy of pseudo fantasy novels that started with "The Left Hand of God" his writing had matured. There were times in this novel that he became one of the "great" writers. Two follow up novels appeared which were witty and clever. I enjoyed them but it seemed he had lost the impetus that favoured his first two novels.
Then there appeared for the reading public. "The White Devil".

A Clever take on take on American isolationism and the value of the "South" to a late nineteenth century America the value of slaves and money being the most important thing. I think Mr. Hoffman has his mojo back.
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