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To make time pass.

Coronovirus has changed the face of the world, changed what we do, what we think about; changed our lives.

Once a prolific writer and publisher I have had to take a job and learn how to work,, to earn a living once again.

No longer have I the time or energy to produce works such as "The Secret Inside" , "The River Girls Torment" or "The Fisherman's Lament" Some may heave a sigh of relief, others, I hope, will be disappointed and feel a tad bereft losing a writer that they may have enjoyed. One that plowed their own path.

Still, you will find the odd thing (I hope) entering the public domain from me here and there and one day (assuming my survival) other writings, novels and tales. Until then....There are many old stories and books for you to read. Some of them rather good methinks.

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