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Under Dark Skies.

Autumn has taken hold here in Scotland, the days and nights grow dark and cold. All hallows e'en has passed and I have little to do but write and enjoy the warmth of my small home, the candles blaze; lighting, heating, protecting me from the chill of the night.

In those candle filled evenings I was productive. I have been writing and producing new tales and ideas. The winter always draws out my best work. I am busy working on "Under Dark Skies" and "The Dark Kind" lol - you will get a flavour of how my mind works.

Lol darkness is involved.

Later at night as the candles dim and die, and the house grows colder, I imagine the wonders of the night and try to respond to e-mails and contacts. To write for other websites and blogs, magazines etc. Often these pieces are short and dramatic.

Flash Fiction they call it, but I still consider them short (noticeably short) stories. I am told that flash fiction is "The Future" for writers, I do not believe this, but I am also not stupid and so soon you will see a collection of "mini sagas" written by me that can be read in a lunch break, a tea break, waiting at the dentist, the doctors or in the queue at the supermarket.

Short fiction to suit a busy life.

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