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What's likely to be new from me in 2024.

There is every chance that "Under Dark Skies" will be released this year.

A classic horror tale set in Argyll. There is a faint chance of "The Dark Kind"

being released this year but I suspect it will be spring next year (2025) ending in a beautiful romance and bloody tale, completing finally the "Faerie River Tales". I am excited to see what everyone thinks of "The Moonchild" Rob, The River Sprite and faerie Queene after this Book. Sorry that you have to wait. But there may well be a couple of other books out there by then.
Many years ago, I wrote a short faerie tale which I called "Nut Brown Eyes". It has become well read

and a few years ago, due to its success I decided to write a different tale but with a similar format. I called it "Cold Blue Eyes"

It is a vastly different tale from "Nut Brown Eyes" set in a similar place several years later. and so, this gave me the idea of "Green Eyes" which may well be released in 2024 but which will be a far more romantic and fantastical tale than "Cold Blue Eyes" and, in a way, "linking it" with the "River Tales".
It was just a strange idea I had one night.

Let me know what you think of it.


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