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Who was the greatest storyteller?

Who was the greatest classical storyteller?
I always like to think that it is me but we’re thinking about classical stories and storytelling and so I probably do not come into people’s perception except on the odd occasion where some nice person reads one of my tales and appreciates it. Many stories that have roots far more ancient than you imagine still exist and have become part of history or legend: the stories of law enforcement, of rebels, and of….Frogs?
Yes, Aristophanes’ comedy "The Frogs", despite what the title may suggest, was not about the French but is pre- historical

I grew occupied with the question of who was the greatest of the Greek playwrights: Aeschylus or Euripides?
It’s a tough one! I think I’d personally give Euripides the edge, but then again, they are such different storytellers…
Lol but how can anyone give Aeschylus second place? Every story written is based upon Aeschylus, Euripides, or Homer.
This picture is an artist's representation of Clytemnestra and her lover killing Agamemnon. Aeschylus
Lol and I thought again.
None better
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